Business School

Who are we

A dream chaser who was born in 1987 without changing original aspiration within 30 years.

A practical master who is integrating high-quality educational resources from domestic and oversea and building the platform for elite alumni.

A pathfinder who is creating and reforming the new definition of educational programs.

A learning partner who is willing to make progresses with workplace elites and career pioneers.


What are we doing

UNIVISTAS is the sub-sector of Scitae Business School operating for entrepreneur education. UNIVISTAS upholds the educational concept that Scitae Business School always adheres to. ‘Learn in order to practice’ comes essential in the educational concept ofUNIVISTAS, with sticking to the teaching principle known as ‘Focusing on Chinese Characteristics and Close to the Real Needs of Private Enterprises. UNIVISTAS provides the learning platform which is known as its characteristic of practicality and effectiveness for enterprisers of private enterprises.

Corporate Education Center

Corporate Education Center offers integrated landing solutions of organizational capacity advancing, united enterprise university building, echelons of management constructing and managers systematic training at all levels for enterprises by summarizing the practical experience of enterprise management and integrating the model of SIDR for organizational capacity and talent development.

Graduates Education Center

Graduates Education Center has accumulated decades of experience on the development, designment, marketing and teaching of higher educational programs as well as the alumni relations, assisted operating the programs of on-job postgraduates for more than a dozen of prestigious universities such as Renmin University of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Jilin University, Dalian Maritime University, the Open University of Hong Kong, University of Alberta, Canada and so on, and created the platform of on-job postgraduates co-training for continuous learners and learners who want to upgrade their degrees.

Scitae Education Plus

Scitae Education Plus offers forums, lectures, salons of front lines and practicality, visiting programs for benchmarking enterprises with high reputation, overseas study tour, outdoor sailing training to trainees and consolidate their team spirit, shared studying space with professional and intimate services.

Scitae Business School always carries a heart of reverence for education, shoulders the responsibility and fulfills the mission. We are adhering to the spirit of continuous learning and in pursuit of the value of continuous learning. We sincerely hope that all of our students become more modest, positive and bright.


In this era when most people want to change themselves depending on the society and the outside world, Scitae Business School recognizes the urgency and significance of continuous learning. Fortunately, we meet a great deal of learners who are not satisfied with the status quo and are in pursuit of dreams as well as enterprises and persons who are willing to change themselves with actions and influence the society. Their inspiring choices and beliefs impel us to work hard and run all the time heading to the dream and the distance.